Mihaly Editing Services

Whether you are writing a research paper, copy for your website, a business letter, artist proposal, or fiction, I want to help you make the most of your words.

Do you need another set of eyes to look at your work? Do you need someone to read through your paper closely to look for typos and inconsistencies? Do you need advice on how to write with a style that is strong, articulate, and expressive? Look no further!

Since 2011, I have written book reviews, concert reviews, and interviews for various blogs and publications (all of which can be seen on my writing page). I have also written press releases, letters of solicitation, email newsletters, and event descriptions in various capacities. I am currently the Interview Features Editor at Asymptote, an online literary journal devoted to work in translation.

My services include:

  • Transcribing

Whether you have recorded an interview, a lecture, or any other speech, I would be happy to transcribe it for you. 

  • Proofreading

Auto Correct doesn't always catch everything, especially stylistic errors like number inconsistency (writing "200" vs. "two-hundred") or incorrect usage of some words. I can read through your document, of any length, and make sure it is free of errors and inconsistencies.

  • Style consultation

Does it feel like your writing is uninteresting or not strongly argued? I will help you structure your paper, down to the word, so that your thesis is persuasive and elegant. My area of expertise in this field is writing on art, music, and literature.

  • Editing / Copyediting

Looking over your entire paper, I will make sure your style is consistent throughout, and that your purpose for writing is clearly achieved. I also keep an eye out for correct formatting and accuracy of information. I offer suggestions for rewriting, rephrasing, deletion, or expansion.